As part of digiGEBF21, we welcome all interested researchers to get in touch with the editors of various scientific journals in the disciplines of empirical educational research during our Meet the Editor sessions. In these sessions, editors present their journals and can inform all participants about the specific services and goals of their journals as well as about basic guidelines for authors. Interested researchers thus have the opportunity to meet editors in person and talk with them about what kind of papers they are looking for and how the decision-making process for selecting papers works.

Each Meet the Editor session lasts about 45 minutes, during which editors briefly inform about their journal and then answer questions from the participants. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the GEBF, multiple Meet the Editor sessions will be clustered according to the main disciplines of empirical educational research. For this purpose, the Meet the Editor sessions will be held as individual sessions on the same day as the digiGEBF21 keynotes.